Hotel Barceló Imagine *****

Hotel A Seleção
Hotel Barceló Imagine *****
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Opening year: 2018
Property: Grupo KISS Media
Decorator: OLV Interiorismo
Photography: ITS. Ivo Tavares Studio
An innovative hotel which blends design, music and art. Decorated according to the latest trends, each floor pays tribute to different music genres, from rock and jazz to electronic music, also including La Movida Madrileña. The hotel provides guests with unique experiences with music as a common topic.
The enclosures that have been selected belong to the Profiltek Vita series which is characterised by its minimalist aesthetics. The black finished profile fits in perfectly with the design scheme of the hotel.
Profiltek's expertise in aluminium and glass has enabled the installation of a panel made up of mirrors and digital printing on glass, with a consistent black profile based on the specifications of the design team.
Vita Models

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