Profiltek shower enclosures in Casa Rural A Serenada

Hotel A Seleção
Casa Rural A Serenada
Location: Grandola (Portugal)
Year: 2015
Decorator: Owners
Photography: ITS. Ivo Tavares Studio
The owners of the Casa Rural A Serenada wanted to separate the shower and sanitation areas from the suites themselves. In order to achieve this, the Profiltek Project Division combined a special Newglass-series shower enclosure to close off the shower area, with a Kosmos interior door to close off the toilet area, obtaining the spectacular results shown in the images.
A Serenada, which has been owned by the same family for more than three centuries, offers prospects of warm, friendly rural tourism that translates into a "boutique" spirit, whereby guests are welcomed and wine is made on-site in the cellar.

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