FAQ's shower enclosures

Can I order any enclosure model MADE-TO-MEASURE?
Yes, all our products except the Standard series can be ordered cut to the millimetre and with different glasses and edging finishes. At Profiltek, we have been designing and manufacturing made to measure enclosures for over 25 years. Over this time we have become specialists in offering quality solutions adapted to each project and each shower space; we produce over 70,000 units per year and 70% of them are unique, personalized models. And how are we able to do this? Thanks to our high degree of specialisation, development of management systems and in-house production processes for manufacturing personalized products in record time.


Can I personalize my enclosure with any image I like?
IMAGIK digital printing technology enables any raster or vector image to be printed direct onto glass. However, to ensure that you get the results you want, it is very important to have a high-quality image to begin with and check the viability of the project with our experts beforehand.


What type of glass is used to manufacture enclosures?
All our enclosures are manufactured using "tempered" glass between 3 and 10 mm thickness. Glass tempering is an industrial heat treatment process which makes glass highly resistant to impact, pressure, flexion and torsion stresses and thermal shock, turning it into what is called "safety glass". This glass tempering process has no effect on aesthetics such as colour, clearness, translucence, etc.

Once glass has been tempered it acquires new hardness properties which mean that it cannot be cut, perforated or machined in any way after the process, so it is important to understand that adaptation to sizes or shapes, or drilling, must be done before the tempering process.

Tempering glass to turn it into safety glass does not make it unbreakable, but it does make it much more resistant and if it does break, it happens in a way which is far less likely to injure the user.


Is the glass safe? Can I be injured if it shatters?
Tempered glass is today considered essential for safety and its use is widely recommended. If glass is used for bathroom enclosures, tempered glass must be used BY LAW. Tempered glass is safe because, should it break, it shatters into tiny pieces without blunt edges, preventing serious lacerations or cuts and this protecting the user from physical injury. This shattering pattern is standardised and covered by UNE-EN 12150-2:2005 ERRATUM:2011 Standard, and must be complied with by bathroom enclosures manufacturers.


What is the UNE-EN 14428 Standard?
It is the legally mandatory standard regulating the requirements and parameters for the manufacture of bathroom enclosures and shower cubicles. Since September 2007, bathroom enclosures and shower cubicles must comply with the safety regulations specified in EN 14428 European Standard, approved by the European Committee for Standardisation in November 2004 and in accordance with Directive 89/106/EEC and the Resolution by the Spanish Ministry of Industry of 5 December 2005. EN 14428 Standard lays down the requirements that shower enclosures and cubicles must meet in order to ensure that the product installed as per manufacturer instructions offers satisfactory use, safety and durability characteristics when used for the intended purpose.

Since 2008, Profiltek Spain S.A. products have complied with these regulations and the company is amongst the first Spanish manufacturers to do so. We put our products through exhaustive quality and resistance testing, beyond the parameters required by the Standard and checked by independent verification bodies.


How should I clean my enclosure?
NEVER use abrasive materials such as synthetic or metal scouring pads or stiff sponges, and only use pH-neutral cleaning products.

Do not use detergents or products containing solvents or de-scaling ingredients, bleach, hydrochloric acid or ammonia, or any product considered chemically corrosive, as they damage and age chrome plating, edging, parts, acrylic surfaces and plastic beading.

We recommend that you clean your enclosure as described below:

  • Spray the cleaning product onto the enclosure
  • Leave to work for a few minutes
  • Clean off with a soft, non-abrasive sponge
  • Finish cleaning and drying the surface using a soft cloth


Is there any product which prevents limescale build-up on glass and makes it easier to clean?
PROFILTEK offers its TEKNOCLEAN surface treatment, an innovative treatment developed to make cleaning your enclosure easier and quicker.

TEKNOCLEAN is a treatment which, when applied to glass, repels liquids and minimises build-up of limescale and dirt.

Even when treated with TEKNOCLEAN, all enclosures require basic care to keep them looking spick and span. A practical way of keeping glass enclosures in good condition is to ventilate the bathroom and dry the enclosure with a soft cloth after each use


Where can I purchase PROFILTEK products?
All Profiltek products are sold exclusively by dealers. You can find your nearest dealer using our store LOCATOR on (https://www.profiltek.com/es/contactar-localizar-distribuidor-profiltek) or by calling (+34) 962 602062.


How long will I be able to get replacement parts for my enclosure?
PROFILTEK guarantees supply of original or equivalent-quality replacement parts, as per the production specifications and norms established by PROFILTEK, for all items in our current product catalogue.

We also make a replacement parts stock pledge to our customers, whereby any discontinued product will continue to be available for at least 10 years.


Will the lacquer on the frames last?
Lacquering is a system for protecting aluminium which works by applying an organic coating or paint to the surface of the aluminium. The quality and thickness of this coating will determine its durability. The coating we use on our frames is between 60 and 120 micra thickness, ensuring that it lasts for far longer than average coatings.


Does Profiltek offer shower trays?
Yes, we offer a range of shower trays in different sizes and colours which can be adapted to fit all sizes and types of refurbishment, attractively designed and manufactured from acrylic material which stands the test of time incredibly well.


Where are Profiltek products manufactured?
PROFILTEK SPAIN S.A. designs, develops and manufactures its products in Spain and all components and materials come from Spanish or European suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality and traceability of all the products we offer.