Technology Glass for your shower enclosure

With Ecliptek you can enjoy "intelligent" privacy, providing all the intimacy you need with a simple ON/OFF switch. Since your mood may change from one moment to the next, we offer you the option to make the glass in your Profiltek shower opaque whenever you feel like it.

Ecliptek technological glass

Ecliptek technological glass ON/OFF
Ecliptek fijos

A special effect for your shower space

Ecliptek is an active glass that uses electric current to change its appearance from matt translucent to transparent.

As part of Profiltek's commitment to innovation in shower spaces, they are offering Ecliptek technological glass in the FN-2001, FN-2015 and FN-2016 models from the Fixed Nordic series, going one step further in the personalisation of your shower space.


Perfect operation

Ecliptek glass is made up of two transparent sheets of glass (thickness 4+4) that are assembled together (laminated), and between them is a special film that can change in appearance through the use of electrical voltage.

Applying the voltage will give the glass a transparent appearance (ON mode). When the voltage is turned off, the glass will instantly return to matt translucent (OFF mode).

  • The consumption is 8W/m2 when it is on (transparent).
  • Ecliptek operates between 60-80V so the transformer is supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Towel racks not available for Ecliptek glass.
  • Ecliptek only available for FN-2001 and FN-2015. For special projects, please contact Customer Service.


  • In as far as its transparency, the glass does not reach the same degree of transparency as common glass and a certain degree of glazing or opacity (called HACE) is noticeable. This condition is a characteristic of the product and will not constitute a reason for returning it.
  • Conditions regarding the luminosity of the installation site may affect the appearance and colour of the glass.
  • The electrical installation must be performed by an officially licensed electrician.
  • The installation requires an independent AC differential (not supplied) with special protection for bathrooms and damp places.
  • Wiring must be Class II.
  • The cable connections must be made with hermetic safety connectors.
  • In order to extend the useful life of the electronic equipment it is recommended that it is turned OFF for at least 4 hours a day, to avoid overheating of the equipment.
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