PROFILTEK is the leading company manufacturing shower enclosures in Spain and Portugal. The company philosophy is fully oriented to enhance the user experience, offering a complete range of high quality shower enclosures at the forefront of design and innovation.

Our HQ in Valencia (Spain), with a surface area exceeding 30,000 m², are entirely dedicated to the production of shower enclosures and technological resources offer the highest possible performance, aiming for quality and traceability. Local stocks and comprehensive logistics enable us to offer unbeatable lead times and extraordinary reliability.

PROFILTEK’s vision is to consolidate its position as Europe’s best shower enclosure specialist.

Our knowledge of the product and its layout in the shower space, together with our expertise in design and manufacturing as well as our attention to customers at all times, allows us to offer solutions that meet all your expectations.

Our day-to-day work, in close collaboration with our distributors, builds our mission to serve the end user: To create and provide spaces and environments that allow everyone to enjoy showering.


5 years guarantee
European standard
International transport network
Maximum flexibility
Customized product
Spare parts supply guaranteed
Innovate Architecture
Innovate Material
German Design 2023
European product design
Design award 2020